Electrolysis has been a method of hair removal for more than a century. It is, still today, recognized as the only permanent method of removing unwanted hair. Our fees for Electrolysis are based upon 15 minute increments, and include a new sterile needle at each treatment. Below are some suggestions for how much time you’ll need to reserve.

15 Minutes or less $23

Ideal for small areas, including upper lip and brows, that require great attention to detail.

30 Minutes $36

Combine more than one area of the face such as chin, cheeks and sideburns.

45 Minutes $49

Great for treating smaller body areas such as underarms, bikini and tummy.

60 Minutes $62

Larger areas of the body can be treated, from legs and arms to back and chest…do it all!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair reduction has revolutionized hair removal by quickly and permanently disabling hair follicles from growing. We now have the ability to treat multiple hairs with just one pulse of the laser, enabling us to cover larger areas of the body at one time. Below are a few common areas that we treat.

Underarms From $100

Eliminate the “shadow” comfortably and effectively. Put on that sleeveless dress anytime!

Legs from $300

Look for up to a 20% reduction in hair with each treatment. You’ll be poolside ready that much sooner.

Full Body Priced Upon Consultation

Multiple areas of the body can be treated in one session. Underarms, bikini, legs, fingers & toes…do it all!

Facial Areas From $75

Reduce the need for shaving between treatments. Remember, we can treat the entire face during each session.

Bikini from $100

Reduce unwanted hair and eliminate painful and unsightly ingrowns from this delicate area.

Arms From $150

Roll up your sleeves and reveal those soft silky arms without ever having to bleach, wax or shave them again.


Every client with permanent hair removal needs is welcomed in our warm, friendly and non-judgmental environment.

Blond Hair

To all of you natural blondes, although you may not be a candidate for laser hair reduction, you can still achieve permanent hair removal with electrolysis anywhere on your face and body! Electrolysis is effective on blonde, white and even red hair.


Gentlemen, permanent hair removal is not only for women.  Men can also enjoy the benefits of the confidence gained from removing unwanted hair.  At Head to Toe Electrolysis & Laser we can remove hair from almost every part of your face and body!