Nadia Guarino


I know how embarrassing and sometimes devastating having excessive unwanted hair can be. I’ve been there. It can affect your self-confidence and hold you back from living a truly fulfilling life.

Have you ever turned down an invitation to a pool party, a summer barbecue or a day at the beach?  Or felt uncomfortable even just having a face-to-face conversation with someone, wondering if they’ve noticed that you forgot to bleach your upper lip hair that morning?

Having excessive unwanted hair can be embarrassing, sometimes even devastating, for both women and men, and dealing with temporary methods can be frustrating and seemingly never ending, not to mention damaging to your skin.  Imagine being free of unwanted hair.

For so many years I struggled with temporary methods of removing unwanted hair. I tried everything from bleaching, waxing and tweezing, to depilatory creams and even handheld epilating devices. Nothing worked. In fact, everything I tried seemed to make the hair growth worse and was having a damaging effect on my skin. Then a friend suggested that I try electrolysis permanent hair removal. I never looked back. I was so thrilled with the permanent results that I achieved that I decided to join the profession.

At the recommendation of my electrologist, Susan Clark, I attended the Electrolysis College of Canada in Milton, Ontario, where I earned certificates in the Professional Hair & Skin Technologist Program as well as the Dermal Therapy Program. I received extensive in-depth training and valuable work experience under the tutelage of Judith E. Finn, in electrolysis, laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation and skin tightening therapies. I have always also had a keen interest in skincare and makeup, and so I decided to explore my “artistic” side. I attended Complections International School of Makeup in Toronto, Ontario, where I received certification as a Professional Makeup Artist.

I am passionate about what I do and am committed to helping you rid yourself of your unwanted hair. Forever. I will help you to reveal the soft smooth skin you never thought you had, and you’ll be able to put on your bikini at a moment’s notice, and have those face-to-face conversations, confidently! With confidence, you can achieve anything. You are free to be the “you” that you always wanted to be. Free to be your best self.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,
– Nadia