How Much Does Electrolysis and Laser Cost?

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One of the most common questions that I’m asked about permanent hair removal is: “Is permanent hair removal expensive?”

What Determines The Cost Of An Electrolysis Procedure?

The cost of an electrolysis treatment itself is not really that expensive in comparison to temporary methods of hair removal such as waxing and shaving, especially when you consider that you are working towards permanence. It begins to add up because you need multiple treatments over a long period of time, first on a weekly basis, then biweekly, monthly, and so on. Remember that with electrolysis we are treating each hair individually and it can therefore take several weeks to months to clear an area, depending on how much hair is in the area being treated. Then all of those hairs need to be treated again as they grow back in. Keep in mind that each time a hair grows back after being treated with electrolysis, it grows in much finer and softer until it doesn’t grow back at all.

What Determines The Cost Of A Laser Procedure?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of a laser treatment.

  1. The type of laser equipment used for your treatment.  There are different lasers out there.   A high quality laser machine will provide a safer, more successful treatment, but it comes at a price.  Proper maintenance by a specialized technician performed on a regular basis is essential to the proper functioning of the machine, as well as to the safety of anyone having laser treatments.
  1. The size of the area being treated.  Smaller areas require fewer pulses of the laser and less time to complete the treatment.  Likewise, larger areas require longer treatment times and more laser pulses.
  1. How well you prepare for your treatment.  Most lasers require that the hair in the area to be treated be freshly and perfectly shaved prior to the treatment.  Many laser clinics will shave the area for you before your treatment, if it’s a small area such as the upper lip or the nape of the neck, at no cost to you.  However, if a larger area, say the legs or your back, is not shaved when you come for your appointment, and your laser technician has to do it for you, there may be an extra fee added to the cost of your laser service – because this can significantly increase the amount of time that needs to be reserved to complete your treatment.  (Not to mention the increased discomfort of razor burn that results from dry shaving.  Ouch!)

The Cost Of Electrolysis Is Actually More Expensive

Laser hair reduction, at first, may seem even more expensive than electrolysis because the cost per treatment is usually much higher than electrolysis. For example, 1 hour of electrolysis costs, on average, $70, while laser treatments can cost up to $400 an hour. That price seems very high because it’s up-front, but when you consider that you need electrolysis once a week and laser once every 6-8 weeks, you’ll realize that you’re actually spending more on electrolysis in one month (with this example, $280) than on laser in one month ($200). Now, that’s not to say that electrolysis is not worth every penny that it costs. It is the one and only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal, and it has been for over a century. It just puts the cost of laser into perspective. Once you begin your treatments you need to keep to the schedule that your hair removal specialist sets out for you. Regularity of treatment is as important as the treatment itself.  Hairs need to be treated frequently in order to achieve the quickest and the best results, so don’t skip appointments.  This will cost you more in the long run because it will set you back in your progress and it will take you that much longer to achieve permanent results.

Also consider that laser and electrolysis are both working towards permanent results, so you won’t be doing it forever (usually about a year to a year and a half to clear an average area), but if you’re shaving you’re in it for the long haul…essentially for the rest of your life!

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