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I know how embarrassing and sometimes devastating having excessive unwanted hair can be. It can affect your self-confidence. It can hold you back. Have you ever turned down an invitation to a pool party, a summer barbecue or a day at the beach? Or felt uncomfortable even just having a face-to-face conversation with someone, wondering if they’ve noticed that you forgot to bleach your upper lip hair that morning? Having excessive unwanted hair can be embarrassing, sometimes even devastating, for both women and men, and dealing with temporary methods can be frustrating and seemingly never ending, not to mention damaging to your skin. Imagine being free of unwanted hair.

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  • Nadia is one of the most detailed people I know, she made the whole process of my hair removal less scary by taking the time to explain everything to me and to answer all of my crazy questions. - Joan Ford    
  • I first went to Head to Toe because it was conveniently located for me. I soon found Nadia’s approach to my treatment to be very professional and effective. I cannot recommend her enough! If she moved location, I would follow. - Danielle Gosselin    
  • Nadia has provided my daughter and I with excellent electrolysis and laser treatments over the past couple of years. Her knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness keeps us coming back. We highly recommend Nadia's services. - Norma and Jessica    
  • I have been receiving electrolysis from Nadia for roughly a year and a half. Though I have received such service elsewhere before, Nadia was the first to fully explain the process to me. Under her care, I am getting wonderful results! Nadia has a knack for providing treatment that is thorough, yet gentle. She is also pleasant, professional, and holds office hours that are accessible. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia to anyone that is seeking hair removal service. - Rosemary H    
  • I started seeing Nadia at Head to Toe Electrolysis & Laser in April 2015. I had a consultation and was instantly taken by Nadia’s knowledge and professionalism. I feel very relaxed and comfortable with Nadia and I trust all of her practices. She answers all of my questions and never rushes me. I always feel very respected as a client. Nadia is very accommodating and punctual. I have seen great results since I started my treatment. I would highly recommend going to Head to Toe Electrolysis & Laser, it is a class act and you will be more than 100% satisfied with all it has to offer. - Rose B    
  • Prior to meeting Nadia I thought I would be forever tweezing the ten or so coarse, black facial hairs that were invading my lower face. Within under 10 sessions with Nadia they disappeared! I then decided to have Nadia attack my upper lip and sure enough after about one year of regular sessions every two weeks they are almost all gone! No more worrying about hairs on my upper lip! Nadia is always very empathetic, warm and above all professional in the services she provides. I will recommend Nadia’s services for all those who wish to banish unwanted hair. - Lesley    